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Gain access to dedicated Velocify experts to ensure your software is running at peak performance. Velocify’s professional services team provides onboarding, live support, and strategic consulting services.

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World-class team of experts

Deploying a new software solution can be a risky undertaking without the right strategy and implementation expertise. Having access to a team of experts who deliver proven best practice strategies can be the difference between failure and success.

Velocify’s professional services team ensures your Velocify products are running smoothly to support the way you do business. The team is known for having a “teach you to fish” type of approach to help you successfully roll out Velocify solutions.

Velocify Professional Services team provides:

Comprehensive sales software onboarding

Roadmap for your success

Velocify develops an onboarding program that helps you navigate the broad spectrum of features and integrations that Velocify has available for your implementation team. Onboarding includes training that prepares your organization and your sales force to successfully deploy and use Velocify products.

  • Successfully plan for your Velocify implementation and deployment
  • Take advantage of online video tutorials and live web meeting training sessions
  • Ensure a successful rollout of Velocify to managers and end users with “train-the-trainer” roll-out training

Delivery assurance

Velocify’s onboarding team is responsible for ensuring all Velocify deployments are delivered with the highest level of quality. The team is comprised of deployment and product experts with vast experience in Velocify and project management. Recommended checkpoints are integrated into the Velocify accelerated deployment methodology with the objective of uncovering any potential issues early in a project while mitigating any future risks.

Sales automation software support

Passionate about your success

Depending on the product editions you choose, a Velocify support professional can assist you with your needs. Support services include:

  • Management of functionality, contract items, and product upgrades
  • Rapid resolution of any Velocify production issues
  • Assurance that dialing systems are working properly at all times

Support hours

  • 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM PST/PDT
  • Monday to Friday
  • Phone: (844) 327-3296
  • Email: support@velocify.com

Sales workflow automation software consulting

Personalized insights for your success

The Velocify team of experts is available to brainstorm, collaborate, and implement your needs. Our services include:

  • Customized guided selling workflows
  • Advanced lead distribution options
  • Unique status and action options
  • Integration to other third party systems like CRM, Loan Origination Systems, Student Information Systems, ERP, and more

Their unmatched expertise translates into a custom business solution that supports your business model, giving your company the competitive advantage you seek.

Seamlessly integrate with your software


The powerful combination of Velocify’s flexible technology and strategic consulting services ensures seamless integration with core business systems to maximize the value of your IT infrastructure.

System integrations include:

Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Marketing Automation (MA), Enterprise, Resource Planning (ERP), Loan Origination Systems (LOS), Student Information Systems (SIS), More than 1,400 lead providers, Pricing engines, Instant offers, and more…

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Ensure your data is secure

Security is Velocify’s top priority with significant resources devoted to continually refining our enterprise security technology infrastructure. Velocify Intelligent Sales Automation software is accessed through secure data centers with high-availability to ensure uninterrupted access to your data.

Velocify follows regularly audited procedures for web and applications, database servers, tape set rotation, custom backup plans, and alert management.

  • SSAE16 certified and GLBA and HIPAA compliant data centers
  • Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and HP SP Signature Certified

Velocify pricing and editions that scale with your business


The leading sales management platform

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  • Lead prioritization
  • Distribution control
  • Workflow management
  • Unified user view
  • Email communication tools
  • Auto-updated, accurate record keeping
  • Reporthub


  • Lead prioritization
  • Advanced distribution control
  • Advanced workflow management
  • Unified user view
  • Email communication tools
  • Auto-updated, accurate recordkeeping
  • ReportHub
  • Integration with API/XML poster
  • Access leads on the go

The leading sales management platform

Contact sales


  • Click-to-call
  • Shotgun dial
  • Power dialing
  • Local caller-ID
  • Next call
  • Pre-recorded voicemails
  • Advanced call transfer
  • Call recording and reporting
  • Call reminders
  • International dialing


  • All outbound functionality plus:
  • Live coaching 
  • Number provisioning
  • Call routing
  • Interactive call menus
  • Call tracking insights
  • Automatic lead creation
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