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Optimize every stage of your sales cycle

Velocify has been helping a variety of sales teams grow faster for over 10 years. We are passionate about sales and we love destroying the barriers that get between companies and their revenue. Each of our solutions was built to fit specific needs. All of our products are cloud-based platforms that streamline the sales process so your sales team can focus on what they do best – closing deals.


Streamline and enforces your unique sales process within Salesforce™ so sales leaders, Salesforce admins, and sales reps can focus on growing the business and closing more deals. Your Salesforce environment will instantly become a powerful sales prospecting, closing, and reporting engine. Learn more


Are you ready to increase your lead conversion rates by up to 400%? Velocify’s LeadManager sales software enables you to retrieve leads from over 1,400 integrated lead sources, automatically distribute new leads and reassign unworked leads, prioritize all sales communications and create customized sales workflows so all leads are acted upon. Respond faster to high-priority leads, sell smarter, and close more deals. Learn more


A powerful sales and marketing platform that manages referral partners and streamlines sales and marketing processes so loan officers and lenders can build and grow their most important business relationships. Enjoy productivity, compliance, and visibility at all levels of your company while keeping realtors in the loop and giving borrowers a world-class experience. Learn more


The most reliable and functionally-rich sales dialer built for all sales teams. It not only enables more calls to happen, it ensures sales reps make calls that drive conversations to actionable next steps. More productive calls, faster win rates, and real-time reporting insights make Dial-IQ a must have tool for any sales team. Learn more

Velocify plays well with others


Selling is a team sport. Fortunately, Velocify works like a great teammate, integrating easily with other systems and more than 100 lead sources. For custom integrations, take advantage of our open API.

What our customers are saying

“Managing leads with Velocify helps organize all of our leads from all our sources. We can map all leads from Zillow, Bankrate, Really Greate Rate and Lending Tree to name a few.”

Waterstone Mortgage

“We use Velocify and I can honestly say that it's changed my life and reassured my confidence in sales. I've broken daily, weekly, and monthly sales records. I have to give a lot of credit to Velocify for helping me make that happen.”

Bamboo HR
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