Mortgage Lenders Gain Significant Advantage in Speed, Throughout with New Sales Technology Implementation

December 14, 2009 | Alyssa Trenkamp

Mortgage Professionals Rush to Adopt New Seamless Integration between Leads360 and, Top Lead Management and Loan Origination Software SaaS Providers

Los Angeles – Dec. 14, 2009 – Today, Leads360, the industry leader in sales lead management software, and, a leading provider of loan origination software for banks, credit unions and mortgage bankers, have joined together to provide the mortgage industry with significant advantages in the sales and loan origination process through a robust integration of their respective industry-leading products.

The image of a family walking into a bank to get a home loan may be firmly planted in the minds of Hollywood producers, but the reality is that the mortgage sales and loan origination process is now among the most sophisticated sales environments in any industry. Consumers are turning to online portals to request competitive quotes from lenders around the country, and mortgage professionals find themselves competing with thousands upon thousands of banks and brokers for each and every loan.

Many companies have entered the mortgage lead generation space, providing additional ways for consumers to shop for loans. As lenders have been faced with increasing competition and a more sophisticated sales landscape, they have been focusing on speed and throughput to allow their best salespeople to close more loans each month. With Leads360 and, loan officers will save valuable time by not having to perform any additional data entry functions.

“The one-click interface saves significant data entry time, but it goes beyond time saved,” said John Baldino, vice president of sales and human resources for Pleasant Valley Home Mortgage. “Our phone-based internal salespeople can now focus their full attention on rapport-building, rather than dealing with the distraction of having to type while talking.” The sophistication required to sell effectively in the mortgage market is increasing daily, and Leads360 and have affirmed their commitment to implementing best-of-breed solutions to the advantage of their clients.’s cost-effective solutions, low-maintenance tools and expert services have helped streamline and manage mortgage lending operations from marketing and origination through closing, secondary marketing, warehouse line management, and loan level reconciliation.

“The integration between Leads360 and speeds up the sales cycle considerably, by truly integrating the sales and loan origination processes and eliminating extra data entry,” said Sean Dugan, senior vice president of sales and marketing for “If lenders hope to compete in today’s market, they can no longer ignore the significant advantages that emerging technologies, such as ours, provide.”

Leads360 offers web-based lead management software to improve sales organizations and increase profitability. The software is flexible enough to accommodate the unique workflow and needs of any sales organization in any industry – and is specifically designed to address the needs of the mortgage industry. Leads360 has been working with mortgage businesses to increase profitability and scale efficiently since 2004. Leads360’s software enables mortgage professionals to receive, distribute, contact, follow-up with, and convert more leads into funded loans.

“We believe that the integration between and Leads360 is the best loan origination integration available today – not only for our clients, but for any lender using lead management software,” said Dan Morefield, president and CEO of Leads360. “The bottom line is that Leads360 is dedicated to ensuring that our clients contact leads more quickly and close loans more efficiently than any competing bank or broker. The robustness of our integration aligns perfectly with that objective, and we have been receiving positive reactions from our client base.”

“Both Leads360 and are web-based, so it works perfectly,” Baldino said. “We’ve got people that work part-time from home, and people that want to work weekends; now they have access 24/7 from anywhere.”


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