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April 10, 2012 | zinc

Leads360 introduces first full-feature intelligent dialer, laser focused on consumer sales

Los Angeles – April 10, 2012 – Leads360, the market-leader in consumer sales automation, today takes a big leap forward, introducing the markets first full-feature intelligent dialer solution, fully integrated with a comprehensive sales lead management platform. Dial-IQ now boasts Dial-IQ Inbound and Dial-IQ Multi-line. Dial-IQ Inbound ensures sales makes the most of every call opportunity, routing calls to the right rep and ensuring every inbound call is tracked and followed-up on based on an optimal contact strategy. Dial-IQ Multi-line helps sales teams reach prospects faster, prioritizing the right lead to call at the right time, while also intelligently scaling the number of lines used based on sophisticated business logic.

“Successful sales managers tell me, it’s not just about how many calls you make and receive, it’s about the controls put in place to ensure you make the most of every call and follow up opportunity,” said Nick Hedges, CEO and president of Leads360. “The addition of Dial-IQ Inbound and Multi-Line ensures business logic is built into the entire sales process. We have left no stone unturned for how sales teams handle and track calls.”

Leads360 and Dial-IQ are laser focused on consumer sales, which tend to be high velocity, data rich environments that lend themselves to continuous optimization. Leads360 helps consumer sales organizations of all sizes strive for positive customer interactions and create and adhere to optimized sales processes.

“Leads360 and Dial-IQ are in a class of their own when it comes to managing real-time internet leads,” said Joseph Semrani, Mortgage Banking Executive, M&T Bank. “Leads360 is more than just a CRM. When combined with Dial-IQ, the solution dynamically pushes best practices on users to maximize contact and conversion rate.”

For additional information on Dial-IQ, please visit leads360.com/dialer.

Dial-IQ Inbound – Make the Most of Every Call Opportunity

Dial-IQ Inbound allows sales managers to intelligently distribute inbound calls to the right reps and continue to follow up with a new lead based on an optimal contact strategy. Additionally, marketing managers can manage and track campaign effectiveness with call tracking and analytics built into Leads360.

“There is no such thing as a one-call-close” said David Williams, New York based AllState agent and owner. “Once an inbound call comes in, having it connected to Leads360 ensures my agents always know the next best follow-up action to take based on a proven-to-convert contact strategy.”

Dial-IQ allows sales and marketing managers to easily port an existing number or provision a toll-free or local number within Dial-IQ. Once an inbound number is recognized by Leads360, it can be used to track marketing efforts and to distribute inbound leads to qualified reps. Dial-IQ Inbound leverages some of the intelligence of the outbound dialer such as the shotgun feature, ringing all lines in a qualified user group, or the hunt group feature, ringing one qualified user at a time until someone in the group picks up. Dial-IQ Inbound also does a look-up to see if a lead already exists and routes to the appropriate owner. Administrators also have the option to customize the call flow for each provisioned number which can include interactive voice response (IVR) with user prompts, direct routing, various distribution options and more.

Dial-IQ Inbound – Make the Most of Every Call Opportunity

Dial-IQ Multi-Line intelligently scales the number of outbound lines up to four lines per agent based on pre-set business rules. The multi-line dialer enables a single agent to make up to 500 calls per hour, based on early beta tests and individual benchmarking.

Dial-IQ automates both the prioritization of the lead list and the number of outbound lines based on pre-configured business logic about where the lead is coming from, where it’s at in the process or even based on a user’s pre-set capacity. Dial-IQ requires no manual decision making for the user. Reps only connect to live calls and a powerful “leave message” feature simultaneously leaves the prospect a personalized message while dialing the next lead, eliminating down time.

Dial-IQ is fully compliant with current FCC regulations, so sales organizations can make calls with confidence. A Safe Harbor Message is played for a lead (after the lead answers the call) if the rep does not click over to connect within two seconds. Additionally, leads that fall outside of the time zone protect window will automatically be excluded from all Dial-IQ Multi-line dialing methods. For additional information on Dial-IQ, please visit leads360.com/dialer.

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