Leads360 Study Finds Dramatic Acceleration of Sales Effectiveness among Dial-IQ Users

May 8, 2012 | zinc

Leads360 introduces first full-feature intelligent dialer, laser focused on consumer sales

Seattle – May 8, 2012 – Leads360, the market-leader in consumer sales automation and telephony, today announced the results of a new study, benchmarking sales performance improvements using its new Dial-IQ progressive and multi-line dialers in combination with its Lead Manager solution. The results were announced at the 2012 ACCE Conference & Expo in Seattle, the premiere global gathering for the contact center industry.

Sales teams analyzed in the study were able to contact 92 percent more of their prospects within the optimal five minute window and increase weekly actions per user by 106 percent. The third aspect, which truly sets Leads360’s intelligent multi-line dialer apart from nearly all predictive dialers, is its ability to increase sales effectiveness. On average, it took reps 26 percent fewer call attempts to reach each prospect when multi-line was added to Dial-IQ and Lead Manager. This is largely a result of the higher number of prospects called within the optimal five minute window. The ultimate measure of improved efficiency was that reps needed 18 percent fewer calls to convert each prospect to a customer.

“For companies that compete for consumers, being the first to contact a prospect is critical to establishing loyalty that brings prospects back, even after they’ve explored other options,” said Nick Hedges, CEO and president of Leads360. “This new Dial-IQ research confirms the incredible competitive edge consumer sales organizations gain by making contact with prospects in the first five minutes utilizing our intelligent sales dialer in combination with our comprehensive Lead Manager solution.”

The research presented in the study was based on data gathered from more than 50 Leads360 customers that had been using Dial-IQ for more than six months. Their combined 1.7 million records included two months of data prior to Dial-IQ implementation and more than six months of data following implementation for a before and after comparison. Additionally, more than 50,000 records for seven beta customers using the new Dial-IQ multi-line functionality were analyzed to measure the added improvements anticipated. For these beta customers, two to eight weeks of data following the implementation of the new multi-line dialer was compared to two months of Lead Manager data collected while using only the Dial-IQ progressive dialer. The results of this study compare the same set of customers using Lead Manager with and without Dial-IQ progressive dialer and another set of customers using Lead Manager and Dial-IQ’s progressive dialer with and without the Dial-IQ multi-line dialer. Complete results of the study can be found here.

Dial-IQ Technology

Dial-IQ is the industry’s most intelligent telephony solution that unleashes the full selling power of Leads360’s Lead Manager; ensuring customers make the most out of high-value leads. Dial-IQ’s intelligent outbound and inbound capabilities are designed specifically for the high-velocity consumer sales environments, where considerable resources and money are spent self-generating or purchasing leads.

Leads360’s Dial-IQ brings dialing with intelligence into focus; ensuring maximum effectiveness in converting prospects into customers. Dial-IQ offers a progressive dialer that calls one lead after another, a multi-line dialer that calls up to four lines per agent, and an inbound calling solution to manage and track inbound campaigns. All three solutions benefit from intelligent prioritization, lead distribution, contact strategy workflow, and follow-up capabilities built into the integrated Lead Manager.

With Dial-IQ’s progressive and multi-line dialers, customers call the right prospect at the right time and can even scale the number of lines used based on fully customizable and sophisticated business logic. Reps using multi-line can dial out of a priority queue, which is updated in real-time using dynamic list prioritization. This means customers are always the first to contact fresh leads. Combining Leads360’s progressive dialer that never drops a call with its intelligent multi-line dialer, customers can maximize the hard-earned value of high-quality leads, while also ensuring the highest level of efficiency with aged or lower quality leads.

About Leads360

Leads360 is the market-leader in consumer sales automation, with cloud-based solutions proven to deliver smarter, more efficient sales processes and increased conversion rates. With unmatched expertise, drawn from managing more than 40 million prospects for more than 10,000 clients, Leads360 is the platform of choice for the largest and most successful consumer-focused sales organizations. Please visit www.leads360.com for more information.


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