Leads360 Launches Industry’s First Real-Time Lead Prioritization Engine

September 21, 2010 | zinc

Empowers Sales Professionals to Optimize Sales Processes by Automatically Ranking and Prioritizing Leads in Real-Time

Los Angeles – Sept. 21, 2010 – In an effort to optimize sales and marketing effectiveness, Leads360, the industry leader in sales lead management software, today announced a new real-time prioritization engine. An industry first, this powerful new technology automatically ranks and prioritizes leads for more efficient contact and follow-up by sales professionals.

In highly competitive sales environments, companies need to call new leads quickly and follow-up regularly to ensure optimal sales lead conversion rates. One of the biggest challenges facing sales people is identifying which lead to call next. Even in situations where salespeople only receive a few leads a day, Leads360’s Lead Prioritization Engine empowers sales and marketing organizations to build custom business rules that quickly identify high priority leads and automatically order them for sales people.

“The days of blindly guessing which lead to call are over. Sales managers no longer need to lose sleep over hoping their people are focusing on the right leads at the right time,” said Jeff Solomon, founder and SVP of product and marketing. “Our lead prioritization engine takes all the guess-work out of building daily call lists. Quite simply, it makes it easier for sales professionals to work their pipeline at maximum efficiency, without wasting energy on keeping their lead follow-up organized.”

The technology is transparent to sales people and is easily administered by management. Leads can be prioritized based on any number of characteristics including demographic, geographic, lead source, time since a certain activity has occurred and hundreds of other options. Clients can build custom prioritization rules based on their unique lead composition and business processes. Additionally, they are provided with pre-configured best practice rules that any company can leverage right out of the box.

Leads360’s Lead Prioritization Engine works like many lead scoring solutions with a few significant differences. Lead scoring is typically derived from quality indicators such as demographic data and often includes some type of predictive model that determines the likelihood of converting each lead. Leads360’s prioritization methodology focuses on lead characteristics such as product interest or lead source and combines it with sales disposition and activity. As an example, a lead that has been called once may have a higher priority than a lead called three or four times. This way, leads are ranked more organically in real-time and can be used in combination with a lead scoring solution.

One of the most advanced and effective ways to leverage the power of Leads360’s Lead Prioritization Engine is to combine it with TARGUSinfo’s On-Demand Lead Verification and On-Demand Lead Scoring solutions. In many sales applications, lead scores and data verification can only be accessed at the front-end of the sales funnel. However, Leads360’s Lead Prioritization Engine allows scoring data to be applied to assist sales organizations throughout the sales cycle. For example, a company using Leads360 and TARGUSinfo in tandem can distribute leads to agents in real-time based on a combination of verification and lead scores provided by TARGUSinfo and company performance data from Leads360. The data can then be used to constantly prioritize and reprioritize follow-up work for reps, ensuring that maximum effort goes into the leads with the highest propensity to convert.

“Lead prioritization has been a huge challenge for our agents but remains critical for our success,” said Cheryl Bowker, owner, Cheryl Bowker Allstate Agency. “Given the volume of leads we receive, and the frequency in which we contact them, having an automated solution for ranking and prioritizing leads is a huge win.”

Another benefit of this technology is the ability to prioritize leads based on sales skills. For sales people that historically have had greater success closing leads with specific criteria, when new leads come through that match those criteria they are ranked higher, and therefore get quicker attention. Ultimately, for any sales organization, calling the right lead at the right time can have a dramatic impact on conversion. Leads360’s Lead Prioritization Engine is yet another tool for sales and marketing professionals to stay ahead of their competition.

To learn more about Leads360, please visit www.leads360.com.

About Leads360

Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Los Angeles, Calif., Leads360 develops software as a service (SaaS) solutions for managing sales leads. Distinguished by its focus on solutions that address the unique needs of businesses who sell to consumers, Leads360 is recognized as a market and technology leader, managing more than 35 million leads for over 5,000 clients. With a suite of solutions scaled for small to enterprise organizations, the company offers the industry’s most comprehensive and configurable lead management platform.

Leads360 enables companies to distribute, track, analyze, and convert sales leads using a customizable lead management workflow and integrated on-demand telephony software. Professional services, including training and process consulting, are also offered to deliver a highly effective solution for converting sales leads. Businesses look to Leads360 for solutions that allow them to maximize their investment in leads generated online and from traditional sources, and ultimately increase sales closure rates for greater revenue. For more information, visit www.leads360.com.

For more information, visit www.leads360.com.

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