Enrollment Processes Streamlined with Cloud Software From Leads360

June 9, 2009 | Alyssa Trenkamp

Addresses Management of Candidate Relationships, Increases Enrollment Quality and Yield and Drastically Reduces Cost per Enrollment

Los Angeles – June 9, 2010 – Traditional marketing tactics that have helped post-secondary institutions manage enrollment in the past are no longer adequate to meet today’s recruiting challenges. Increasing competition among schools and an uncertain economy continue to challenge higher learning institutions to maintain and grow their pool of prospective students.
The Admissions Department is traditionally the first point of exposure a student candidate has with a post-secondary school. Admissions personnel are under ever-increasing pressure to make their institutions stand out while ensuring that marketing dollars spent on attracting new candidates are used wisely. A sophisticated recruiting and enrollment process can mean the difference between success and failure in an intensely competitive landscape. It has never been more important to make a positive first impression, as these initial interactions, if positive and timely, make it more likely that prospective students will ultimately select that school.

Fortunately, significant technological advances have been made that can provide college admissions departments with sophisticated enrollment management tools. For example, Web-based lead management software from Leads360 enables schools to address changing student preferences and provide each prospect with a personalized experience to help make an informed enrollment decision. When utilized, lead management software ensures that an institution stands out from the crowd and has a positive impact on enrollment yield.

Why CRM Alone Is Insufficient for Maximizing Student Recruitment Success
The term Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) has become a ubiquitous buzz word for higher learning institutions intent on increasing enrollment yield. Many schools begin their journey toward improving enrollment processes and recruitment results by looking at implementing CRM software. However, there is often a gap between what a CRM solution can do in the recruitment process and what needs to be done. CRM systems are often not the one-size-fits-all solution they are portrayed to be, especially when it comes to recruitment and enrollment management.

Rather, lead management is now emerging as the key factor for converting student prospects to desirable enrollments. After all, garnering information on prospective students through direct mail, college fairs or the school’s website is just the beginning. Without a strong lead management solution, it’s no surprise that schools often convert only a fraction of the high quality student prospects that they should, or could.

Leads360 is at the forefront of a new class of lead management software designed for consumer marketers, especially those helping individuals make informed, life-changing decisions like selecting the right college. The Los Angeles-based company has developed a solution unparalleled in its sophistication that addresses the three driving factors for lead conversion — speed, process and persistence — while ensuring consumers receive an unmatched experience in their search for products and programs that fit their needs.

“Competition is intensifying as student recruitment moves almost entirely to the Web,” said Leads360 President and Chief Executive Officer Dan Morefield. “Schools today are faced with the challenge of overcoming marketing clutter and better educating prospective students about their institutions. A customizable, sophisticated solution like Leads360 is essential to growing the applicant pool and converting the highest number of qualified prospects into enrolled students.”

With Leads360’s lead management solution, admissions departments are better armed to quickly contact prospective students and track their success. Lead management takes the mystery out of the recruitment process with lead distribution, nurturing and prioritization tools that are customized to the education market.

The process of successfully recruiting a prospective student is much more complicated than it may seem at first glance. Leads360 transforms a traditionally haphazard approach to responding to student inquiries into a repeatable and consistent process that can be used on prospects from every marketing source.

Schools using Leads360’s software receive prospective student records from sources that include lead providers and aggregators, their own website, advertising, and direct mail. These prospects are immediately distributed to the most appropriate enrollment counselor, based on highly-customizable business rules that can include a prospect’s demographic characteristics, lead source, third-party score, and data validation. Also factored in are the skills and experience level of the enrollment counselors themselves, because some enrollment counselors may be more successful with certain types of prospects than others. Enrollment counselors then use a proven education-specific workflow that is client-specific but is built upon optimized templates developed in concert with its top-performing clients. Once students are ready to enroll, their data is seamlessly passed into the school’s existing student information system (SIS) or CRM.

Reflecting on the vision of the company, Morefield continued, “It’s very rewarding to apply our expertise with a variety of B2C industries to empower schools to more efficiently manage the entire enrollment funnel and ultimately meet their goals.”

To learn more about how Leads360 helps higher learning institutions, please visit www.leads360.com/HigherEd.

About Leads360
Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Los Angeles, Calif., Leads360 develops software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions for managing the student and client acquisition process. Distinguished by its focus on solutions that address the unique needs of businesses who pitch their products directly to consumers, Leads360 is recognized as a market and technology leader, managing more than 20 million records for over 5,000 schools and businesses. With a suite of solutions scaled for small to enterprise organizations, the company offers the industry’s most comprehensive and configurable lead management platform.

Leads360 enables schools and businesses to distribute, track, analyze, and convert leads using a customizable workflow. Professional services, including training and process consulting, are also offered to deliver a highly effective solution for converting prospects to enrollments. Schools and businesses look to Leads360 for solutions that allow them to minimize cost per enrollment, maximize their investment in leads generated both online and from traditional sources, and, ultimately, increase conversion rates for greater revenue. For more information, visit www.leads360.com/HigherEd.


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