Leads360 Ensures Email Deliverability Using Latest Technology from StrongMail

November 6, 2008 | Alyssa Trenkamp

Leads360 partners with StrongMail Technology, to enhance industry-leading automated email and lead nurturing capabilities

Los Angeles – Dec. 6, 2008 – Leads360, the premier sales lead management solution, will now power all client email delivery through StrongMail, the leading provider of on-premise, commercial-grade solutions for marketing and transactional emails. Leads360 is the first lead management solution to combine extensive email nurturing technology with StrongMail’s email delivery assurance and reputation monitoring capabilities.

Automated email nurturing is a key part of the business-to-consumer sales process that is enabled by Leads360. The enhancement of email functionality will allow Leads360’s customers to get even more value from their existing accounts. The ability to contact prospects quickly and efficiently greatly increases the ability to convert leads into sales. Unlike competing lead management solutions, Leads360 offers a full suite of email drip-marketing tools which gives Leads360 clients a distinct advantage in the race to contact, qualify, and close competitive leads. To this end, Leads360 sends millions of emails each month on behalf of its 500 clients. The implementation of StrongMail demonstrates Leads360’s commitment to providing unmatched lead nurturing and drip marketing capabilities for its clients. Leads360 clients will also benefit from integrated technology from Return Path, Inc. to address spam challenges and whitelist management. This addition will dramatically improve email deliverability to major ISP’s, especially to popular free email services such as Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo Mail.

“Customized, automated email marketing is fundamental to effective lead management and is a core to our product offering,” said Founder and SVP, Jeff Solomon. “Partnering with StrongMail gives us a significant competitive advantage over other solutions that can’t ensure email deliverability. In addition, we plan leverage StrongMail’s advanced marketing and transactional email features, including smart bounce processing and real-time reporting to develop a suite of features that will dramatically improve contact and qualification rates for our clients.”

Considering that one blacklisted email can forever damage an organization’s standing, it is more critical than ever to have the right technology to scrutinize and determine any deliverability failures or filtering issues. Furthermore, companies must be diligent about developing and protecting healthy IP reputations.

“StrongMail is the industry leader in email deliverability and reporting, and therefore is the appropriate partner for the foremost lead management solution,” said Leads360 CEO, Dan Morefield. “StrongMail will provide the intensive and reliable email functionality required by the increasing demands of Leads360’s clients as they use our system to reach their leads instantly and consistently, each and every time.”

To learn more about Leads360 and its platform of lead management products and services, please visit www.leads360.com or call 888.508.4462.


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