Top Four Lead Management Features

Top Four Lead Management Features

December 19, 2017 | Rachel Lurie

High-growth companies have one thing in common: they have successfully mastered the sales process. It sounds simple enough, but can be quite complex if you’re not leveraging technology that helps manage and automate workflow, maximize speed, and optimize performance. While different technologies offer different benefits, a few key features consistently stand out as having the biggest impact on sales success.

1) Lead Prioritization

According to recent research, purchased leads account for nearly one-third of the total volume of leads for high-growth companies. However, buying leads can be quite costly, so it’s important to use technology that helps optimize the value of your investment.

Lead management solutions like Velocify empower sales leaders to create intelligent call queues based on engagement metrics like email opens or clicks and other customizable lead criteria like campaign source, state, and date added. To further optimize your conversion rate, be sure to use a technology that offers a lead scoring feature to rank the highest quality leads and push them to the top of your reps’ queues.

2) Speed-to-Lead

The buying journey is now primarily done online, especially in the early stages of research and inquiry; and to win their business, prospects expect faster and more responsive service than ever before. Depending on the nature of your industry and the product or service you’re selling, this could mean responding within a few hours or in as little as a few seconds.

So, how can you feed the need for speed? Consider using a technology that encourages friendly competition among your sales force. For example, the Shotgun Connect feature from Velocify Dial-IQ® maximizes productivity and response times by offering a new lead to all eligible and available users. The first to claim it wins the lead, resulting in improved speed-to-lead and a greater likelihood of making contact.

3) Lead Distribution

It’s widely known that speed is one of the most important factors in converting leads, and using a lead distribution system is the best way to quickly get leads from your providers to your sales reps. Working in conjunction with your lead response strategy, your lead distribution technology should trigger a series of calls, voicemails, templated emails, and in some cases, SMS text messaging to guide communication throughout the lead’s lifecycle.

Ensure your lead management solution offers multiple ways to distribute leads, i.e.: push distribution, pull distribution, or a shark tank feature. Lead distribution programs can be configured with lead and user filters and modified based on performance data to ensure you’re getting the right opportunities to the right reps at the right times.

4) Actionable Reporting

The proof is in the pudding – or in the reporting in the case of sales. High growth companies succeed by understanding their business inside and out, and use reporting tools to effectively track and optimize performance.

From standard dashboards to customized reports built just for you, it’s important to monitor performance on a daily basis to quickly identify what’s working and what’s not. With actionable data at your fingertips you can easily determine which lead sources, distribution programs, and lead attributes yield the best results and fine-tune your contact strategy accordingly.

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