Why getting the right leads to the right reps matters

Why getting the right leads to the right reps matters

April 16, 2013 | Jorge Jeffery



For many sales organizations the goal is to get new leads into the hands of available reps as fast as possible, often without regard for the characteristics of the lead and related selling expertise available on their team. The flaw in this model is the potential of essentially throwing away high-quality leads and wasting resources by not fully optimizing the diverse skill set of a sales team. Performance-based and/or skill-based routing, done right, can increase sales performance by fully leveraging the strengths of the reps on a team, improving the customer experience and ultimately driving higher conversion rates.

Our research on Skill-Based Routing is proof that there are considerable benefits to be gained from implementing a performance or skill-based distribution method.  The chart below shows that reps that are given more leads similar to those they have been found to be “skilled” at converting can more than double their lead conversion rates year-over-year.  These results were obtained without a negative impact on “unskilled” reps, who also experienced a slight increase in conversion (+14%), for an overall conversion gain of 53%.

sales performance
This chart shows the increase in conversion rates following implementation of Performance-Based Distribution.

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