Building a Sales Dream Team

Building a Sales Dream Team

October 14, 2016 | Jaime Lee

Dream Team Video Transcript

So the phrase “dream team” is often used to define a group of high achieving individuals that band together to reach a common goal. A “dream team” can exist in sports, politics and even sales. So how do we make a dream sales team? You could spend a lot of time and money recruiting and retaining the best sales reps from across the country, but that’s not always an option. What if you could take your existing team and make all of your reps perform exactly like your BEST sales rep? With Velocify Pulse you can turn your sales team into a dream team.

How do we do this? Let’s first meet our sales professional and sales leader.

This is Jenna. Jenna is your best sales rep. Her performance is predictable and she consistently knocks her quota out of the park. Jenna is the sales rep you wish you could clone so your entire sales team would act and perform like her.

And this is Corey. Corey’s the VP of sales at your company. He has years of sales experience and he knows what works. Corey has trained the team on the art of selling and has established a best practices process for all of the sales team to follow so that they can exceed their quotas, resulting in success for your company.

So why is Jenna such an amazing sales rep and consistently #1 on the team?

  • She leverages Corey’s years of experience and is diligent about following Corey’s recommended sales process.
  • She’s an excellent multi-tasker. She can schedule follow-ups, set reminders, and update statuses in Salesforce while staying focused on pipeline generation and selling.
  • She uses multiple channels of communication to reach her prospects. She uses the phone extensively and leverages the email templates Corey created, while adding a personalized touch before she hits “send.”

So Velocify Pulse makes Corey’s entire sales team perform like Jenna by ensuring that every rep follows his well thought out sales process.

Velocify makes it easy for Corey to create and modify sales workflows and makes following the optimal workflow a no-brainer for the sales team.

Once a workflow is established, reps will see a prioritized list of prospects along with the recommended sales activity. As you can see, this prioritized list is enforcing Corey’s sales process by presenting the prospects that require attention at the moment. Whether you have inbound lead responders, outbound sales development representatives, or a blended sales team approach, Velocify presents the right sales activities so reps don’t waste time guessing what to do next and aimlessly filtering through CRM lead reports. Once Corey’s suggested action is taken, the prospect disappears from the list, then automatically reappears when it’s time to follow up! No other platform can implement your company’s proven sales process like this.

Velocify Pulse also enables every rep to be an expert multi-tasker. With a simple click, reps tell the system what they did, such as “called: left message,” and the system automatically schedules the next event, sets a reminder, updates the status, and can even trigger an email that reads, “hello Mr. Prospect, just tried calling you and left a message, please call me back at your earliest convenience.”

The sales team likes it because it eliminates the mundane tasks that takes them away from selling. Corey loves it because statuses are updated in a consistent manner so his sales pipeline data is always accurate and actionable. Salesforce admins even benefit because it significantly reduces the amount of data cleanup needed for reporting and pipeline accuracy. It’s a win, win…win.

Velocify Pulse also combines phone and email activities into one platform so all reps can be just as good as Jenna when it comes to communication. As you can see, reps have both phone and email activities in one view and they can even perform these activities right from the app without leaving Salesforce! This native functionality is truly unique and available for all Salesforce users! Velocify’s dialing solution, Dial-IQ, was built specifically for sales teams with features like click-to-dial, local presence, and inbound/outbound call blending to name a few.

Velocify also has an email composer built right into the system that leverages Salesforce templates, and works with your company’s email provider, so all communication is brand-consistent. Sales reps have the flexibility to send batch emails to prospects in the same opportunity stage and add a personalized message before hitting “send.” Email tracking gives sales reps visibility into how prospects interact with their emails, such as when a prospect views, clicks, or forwards an email. We’ve truly perfected sales dialing and emailing.

We recognize there is a lot more to just phone dialing and emailing in the fast-paced, quota-achieving world of Sales. No one makes sales workflows easier to follow, no one provides as much efficiency through automation, and no one brings it all together into one system like Velocify does. It’s not just about making more calls or sending more emails. It’s about making sure your entire sales team is preforming these activities in the most effective manner, like Jenna. And by managing the entire sales process from prospect to close with one system and intimately tying activity data to sales outcomes, sales leaders like Corey get unprecedented visibility into sales effectiveness.

So it’s time to make your entire sales team into a dream sales team. With Velocify Pulse you’ll get the workflow, communication and reporting needed for all your sales professionals and leaders.

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