Introducing Velocify LoanEngage – Helping you Build and Grow Business Relationships

Introducing Velocify LoanEngage – Helping you Build and Grow Business Relationships

June 29, 2017 | Chris Backe

The platform to transform and magnify the most important relationships to your business.

The mortgage sales and marketing process has a lot of moving parts. Loan officers often struggle to keep referral partners up to date, engage with interested borrowers, and follow up with existing clients. As a result, many mortgage organizations are leaving a significant amount of money on the table.

To further the problem, many mortgage organizations are dealing different technology systems. This makes it nearly impossible to enforce the optimal sales and marketing process across an entire organization, and provide reliable visibility into the mortgage sales pipeline.

Introducing Velocify LoanEngage, purpose built with a retail lenders most precious asset in mind – their relationships with referral partners, new borrowers, and existing clients.

Simplifying the Entire Marketing & Sales Process

Velocify LoanEngage builds upon Velocify’s industry-leading mortgage lead management and auto-dialer capabilities—which enable lenders and mortgage professionals to respond quickly to potential borrowers, stay focused on the highest priority sales opportunities, and close more loans. The platform helps retail mortgage lenders more effectively find and engage more borrowers, manage referral sources, and ultimately close more loans. Here’s how it works:

  • Marketing Automation– Velocify LoanEngage provides automated marketing collateral that let both lenders and loan officers create consistent, compliant marketing materials. It also sends tailored messages at the pre-application, in-process, and post-application stages, ensuring consistent messaging by email and text. Velocify LoanEngage also comes equipped with online presentations for mortgage borrowers that can be viewed on any device. Through LoanEngage, lenders can track when the presentations are viewed and follow up immediately with borrowers to help them take the next steps.

  • Referral Management – Realtors have options when sending referrals to Loan Officers. Velocify LoanEngage automatically updates Realtors with triggered emails at key loan stages and lets lenders track and measure referral partner performance.

  • Sales Lifecycle Management – Through automated reminders, Velocify LoanEngage ensures frequent follow-ups and helps loan officers prioritize communication with agents and borrowers, even after loans have closed.

  • Reporting and Analytics – Velocify LoanEngage provides corporate insights into key performance and productivity metrics based on loan officer, branch, lead source and other factors—plus it preserves a historical record of communications for compliance purposes.

Retail lenders have a ton of potential revenue that is locked down by inefficiency. When designing Velocify LoanEngage we took a long hard look at everything that was getting in a retail lender’s way and created a platform that eliminates these inefficiencies while enhancing visibility and compliance.

To learn more visit the Velocify LoanEngage product page. And to learn about packages and pricing visit our Velocify LoanEngage pricing page.

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