Infographic: Is the Science of Sales Overtaking the Art of Sales?

Infographic: Is the Science of Sales Overtaking the Art of Sales?

August 27, 2013 | Alyssa Trenkamp

In a world where sales technology drives strategy, is the science of selling becoming more important than the art of selling? This is a question we posed in a recent debate between sales expert Lori Richardson of and Velocify CEO and President, Nick Hedges over the best means of achieving sales lead response.

The debate topic led to some very interesting dialogue. It is hard to argue that sales software science is not a major driver of sales success with $18 billion spent on CRM annually, according to Gartner, and billions more on other sales tools, methods, and technologies. The profession is enamored with the science of sales, and clearly science is an indisputable driver of sales success in today’s fast paced, always-connected world. That said, the value of the art of selling cannot be underestimated – let’s face it, at the end of the day, people want to buy from real people, not robots.

Finding Balance Between Sales Technology and the Art of Selling

To continue the dialogue about sales software and art and to provoke conversation, we put together a debate-style art versus science sales infographic. We gathered expert viewpoints from consultants, salespeople, and other knowledgeable parties alike. In the end, it was evident that both the art of sales and sales technology are incredibly important for today’s sales organizations and finding the right balance is a key to success to boosting sales lead response.

Tips on Combining the Art of Selling and Sales Software to Improve Sales Lead Response

For some excellent expert tips and deeper analysis on some of today’s most valuable artistic and scientific sales methods, you can download our latest ebook – Striking the Perfect Balance Between Art and Science.

Also, let us know what you think. Is sales technology becoming more important than art? Let your voice be heard, go to!


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