Salesforce Apps for Lead Management and Dialer

Velocify for Salesforce is designed to optimize your lead management and dialer, to improve sales team performance — ultimately generating more leads and revenue for your business. We offer two apps for salesforce, one for lead management that helps prioritize and distribute your best leads to the right sales rep and another app for dialer to help you contact prospects. Using the Salesforce Sales Cloud with our salesforce apps features help drive rapid lead response, more productive daily sales rep activity, faster ramp-time for new reps, and consistent selling practices. Key features of our lead management app and the dialer app for salesforce includes dynamic distribution, automated guided selling, lead activity prioritization, integrated sales dialer, daily sales funnel insights, and configuration console. There is no need for additional IT resources or APEX code development when adding our lead management salesforce app or dialer salesforce app. This “click-to-configure” solution brings a greater level of productivity that dramatically improves lead to opportunity conversion rates. With our Salesforce dialer app and lead management app that works with salesforce, you can manage your leads better.

Apps for Salesforce

Salesforce has many applications, or apps, built for dialers. Salesforce also has many lead management apps. Of all those apps, we believe our apps for salesforce are some of the best in the industry. We help automated guided selling programs by working behind the scenes, allowing sales teams to deliver more predictable results, and sales leaders ensure a standard process is followed. A configurable, best practice guided selling program is provided and can also be modified to follow a company’s desired workflow. Salespeople are given a drop-down choice of predefined actions within the lead profile or within the dialer display. Once an action is taken, the lead moves to a new status within the sales cycle. Our Salesforce app streamlines the selling process for both novice and veteran sales representatives while minimizing daily administrative tasks. Ramp new sales teams faster and keep all reps more focused on making the most of the highest value opportunities for the business.

Velocify for Salesforce

Velocify Team

Sell Smarter and Generate More Revenue

Velocify™ extends the value of by driving rapid lead response, more productive daily sales rep activity, consistent selling practices, faster ramp-time for new reps, and more revenue. Adding Velocify to Salesforce Sales Cloud ensures methodical prospect engagement and more predictable sales performance, increasing your number of opportunities and wins.


Intelligenty Distribute Leads


Intelligently Distribute Leads

Velocify for Salesforce provides dynamic lead distribution and redistribution programs including round-robin, skills-based, performance-based, territory-based, and product-based. Leveraging existing Salesforce configuration, Velocify’s dynamic lead distribution feature can assign high volumes of leads to the appropriate salespeople in real-time and reassign to other reps based on configurable rules.

Flexible lead distribution programs can be altered anytime over any time horizon – by minutes, hours, daily, weekly, and monthly. Testing on any combination of lead distribution program allows you to fine tune your contact strategy in search of the optimal lead distribution program mix for your business – ensuring the right lead is assigned to the right rep at the right time.


Automate Prospect Engagement


Guide Disciplined Selling

Velocify for Salesforce simplifies selling. With Velocify’s proprietary automated guided selling programs that happen behind the scenes, you can easily configure best practice lead statuses and subsequent actions for your sales reps to follow that automatically trigger the next stage within the sales cycle. Set up your ultimate contact strategy ensuring sales teams handle leads and opportunities – timing of ongoing calls and automated follow-up emails – consistently throughout the sales cycle. Implementing a disciplined approach to selling delivers more, higher quality opportunities earlier in the sales funnel.

As salespeople follow up on leads, they are given a drop down choice of pre-defined actions within the lead profile and once an action is taken, the lead moves to a new stage within the sales cycle. Automated sales cycle email messaging further guides the selling process ensuring leads in earlier stages within the sales cycle receive ongoing engagement to improve pipeline health.


Prioritize Sales Activities


Prioritize Sales Activities for Your Team

With automated guided selling providing the blueprint for sales success, Velocify for Salesforce streamlines the selling process for both novice and veteran sales representatives while minimizing daily administrative tasks. Working from a single prioritized list of activities, sales representatives are presented with their prioritized leads, opportunities and scheduled tasks on a daily basis that dynamically update as priorities change throughout the day.

Ramp new sales teams faster, and keep all reps more focused on making the most of the highest value opportunities for the business. Velocify also includes the ability to automatically convert leads to opportunities once the lead hits a certain stage in the sales cycle maximizing marketing ROI, increasing sales effectiveness and driving more deals into the pipeline.

Call Activity Monitoring and Reports


Drive Rapid Lead Response

Velocify for Salesforce delivers powerful sales dialer to improve call volume, contact higher-priority prospects faster and increase marketing ROI.

To rapidly respond to all leads, Velocify’s sales dialer empowers reps to call leads from any number within Salesforce and from within the Velocify dialer heads-up-display (HUD), which directs reps to call only priority leads that are also displayed within the priority list view. Integrated dialing features include click-to-dial, prioritized next call, power dialing, pre-recorded voicemail, call list queue, call history against any leads, and scheduled dialing linked to calendar events in Salesforce.


Funnel Insights


Gain Funnel Insights, Beyond Your Pipeline

Utilizing Salesforce drag and drop analytics, Velocify for Salesforce provides end-to-end visibility to track, measure and optimize sales process to provide early insights for coaching opportunities and early visibility into future revenue improvements.

Detailed sales activity tracking and reporting of many sales key performance indicators (KPI) including speed-to-contact, contact attempts and lead engagement progress, contacts made, call volume, talk time, average response time, conversion volume, and conversion rates.

Configuration Console


Easily Implement Changes to Selling Processes

Velocify for Salesforce provides a simple administrative console that enables sales managers and Salesforce administrators to easily update lead distribution processes, pre-defined contact strategies including any desired guided selling processes, and prioritization rules without the need for IT involvement or custom development.