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Top sales objectives for 2014

According to a recent Sales Performance Optimization study by CSO Insights, the top sales objective for 2014 is directly tied to revenue growth. More than 60% of all companies indicated that capturing new accounts was one of their top sales objectives for 2014. While this isn’t a surprising statistic, the idea of capturing new accounts […]

Fortune 100 online buyer experiences

What your sales team can learn from the Fortune 100

Compete with the Fortune 100 for new business? I like your chances. Fortune 100 companies have the highest revenues in America, and are often regarded as examples to follow for business best practices. But what if I told you that if you reach out to the sales team of a Fortune 100 company, a third […]

3 Reasons Companies are Shifting from Field to Phone
Sales Automation

3 reasons companies are shifting from field to phone

As March Madness kicks off with all the hype and excitement, it’s interesting to observe the streamlined process that has evolved for managing office pools. Now, all that’s required is a link to be distributed and the rest takes care of itself. Compared to the worksheets, feet-based coordination, and the manual tabulation required in years […]

Recent Fannie Mae survey reports that more half of borrowers are searching for their lender online.

More than 50% of prospective borrowers are online! Are you?

Ten years ago, on any given Friday night, “let’s go to Blockbuster” was probably the most popular phrase in America. Back then, Blockbuster was the top video store chain in the world and one of the largest entertainment companies ever. It even had its own awards show. Over the past decade, however, Blockbuster’s customers completely […]

Reaching a decision maker for the opportunity to give your elevator pitch.
Sales Automation

10 new ways to reach the decision maker

Last month, I attended and presented at an AA-ISP chapter meeting in Los Angeles, where we discussed an important topic in today’s increasingly remote and phone-based sales environment – reaching the decision maker. To give you some indication of the challenge we face in phone-based selling, take a look at these numbers – 76% of […]

Zogby Analytics Online Buyer Expectation Study – First to Call
Chart of the Month

The first caller advantage

With all of the buying options available today, competition for new customers and clients has never been fiercer. As previous studies have shown, prospective buyers usually visit multiple sites and fill out multiple forms as they inquire about new products or services they’re looking to purchase. Often times, buyers also submit forms on third-party sites […]